Afraid, are you?

and then it all started to fall apart, again… How miserable it is when the manor of hopes erected with the ingots of hard work starts to pulverize just in front of our eyes… Times when feeling like failure comes more easier then breathing..

It’s hard to pick up those splintered pieces of our distraught self and start again…… But doesn’t all glory comes from daring to begin..

Remember the time when Mr. Churchill quoted, “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it’s the courage to continue that counts.”.. I hope you resonated it, right? If no, then now is the time, to rise and shine, and to begin again..

As to some effective ways, you can try out the ones below..

1. Mow down the guilt…: what is really meant by this is that just get rid of the guilt that weighs you down.. Guilt of failures often quells and sears our hopes.. So first of all, we need to free our heart from this guilt and start anew. Some simple steps like indulging into hobbies, meditation, taking out some self care time to clear our thoughts may do the trick and help us reboot..

2. Weave a list..: we can’t start anew anything without a coherent list.. So pull out your notepad and jot down your to-do list.. It’s said “a goal without a plan is just a wish” so, to be successful in your endeavors, you need to opt some meticulous tactics, like, alloting various time slots to different tasks, making a proper routine to finish your school lessons and so on…

3. Self motivation..: can I do it this time? What if ???….oh.. Not again.. Does these “WHAT IF’S” bug you too.. well.. Then you need to make yourself aware that only believing that “I can do it” will help you.. Whenever the clouds of insecurity looms out of the dark days, just take some deep breaths or give yourself a power packed inspirational speech facing the mirror and start afresh…

4. The Gratitude bowl.. : This is quite a simple way to thank yourself.. Well, yes you read it right, just thank and praise yourself.. Thank yourself cause you are stalwart, courageous to fight the odds, stronger than yesterday to deal with your troubles of today… Cause at the end, don’t we matter to us too…!!!!

“yes you’re strong, fearless, wonderful, amazing.. …… You have tasted the dust of failure, now it’s time to savour the clouds of success..”

Take care….🌼

©A. Kamal

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