Optimistic pursuits..

How we often skip the time to give ourselves a thought amidst the day’s crammed schedule. Just as we make the next day’s to-do list, it’s of utmost importance to book a slot in that list just for ourselves, to refresh our minds and to listen to the music of our souls. This is quite necessary these days to keep up the optimistic pursuits and to groom ourselves for the coming challenges and obstacles of the day..

Few simple and effective ways to do so are- 1. Walks.. Hmm.. So wondering how taking walks will be helpful? Well, to be honest, who doesn’t want some moments with the wind to whisper out their forlorn troubles of the day and feel the weight slip off their shoulders!! A nice walk in the morning can be rejuvenating and would rekindle within us the spark of positive thinking..

2. Reading books.. Reading our favourite books or blogs or verses may help us to de-stress and clear our thoughts. Maybe it can act as a small escape of few moments from all the hustle that keeps us on our toes . Good books inspires as well teaches us the art of self-care and motivate for the better!

3. Meditation or yoga.. There is no denying to the benefits of yoga. It helps to maintain a sane lifestyle and is extremely necessary for our social as well as emotional well being by fighting against anxiety and combating our pessimistic thoughts. Brisk exercise or aerobics may also do the trick.

4. Keep a check on your phone addiction.. We may agree or deny but it doesn’t change the fact that social media plays a vital role when it comes to positive thinking. The perfect life of others on the social media can demotivate us and make us ponder about our drawbacks as well as turn us insecure. It’s better to limit the time spent on scrolling through social media and utilize that time to give ourselves some rest for refreshment!

Lastly, remember you are the captain of your ship of thoughts. Make sure you rig that ship of your thoughts carefully to prevent it from drowning in the boorish waters of pessimism..!!

Take care!!


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