I close my eyes to escape, 

This hustling, jostling, clamouring world, 

I close my eyes to escape if only for a while.. 


(I’m the belle of my alcazar of woods, 

Nestled in the bosom of the coppice,

 that’s hiraeth to my dawdling though fervour soul)


How the world’s clogged with vengeance and reproval,

No virtue bedeck their chaplet of  pearls, 

How they love to whine & cavil over things so petty as smirched and traded coins. 

I’m the princess Aurora reigning over my realm

Azure skys streaked with trailing clouds,

 embroidered in gold laces on bright hopeful days, 

I don’t need a prince to wake me up from my dreary slumber, 

Because my dreams are more dazzlingly flamboyant 

Than the grey-old world wrinkled with abysmal wonders) 


©A. Kamal. 

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