the fall..(part 1..)

To the woman who gives me power, 

I still remember the day as fresh as the amber streaked dew on new spring tendrils, when you took me to the park  at the corner of the lake street,  avenue 82A, kolkata..i was 6, holding your finger tight enough and walking by your side pulling at the end of your red laced muslin jamdani Saree when I tripped over a sturdy stone and fell on the road, my knees bruised and my eyes welling up with tears, but u didn’t even spare a glance at me but continued rambling up the street.. I cried for a while loud enough to grab your attention but when you did not look back, I crawled and struggled up the road till I got up finally , rubbed off the dust, cleaned my wound with the water in my bottle and ran towards you screaming and complaining the whole way till I reached you asking innumeral questions about you not taking notice of me, I retorted and inquired about how could you leave me there in pain and just walk away, you looked down at me, gave a warm smile and said, ‘shona, this is your trek up the hill, hill shrouded all over with barbed brambles, stinging nettles, thorny shrubs and cankers, when you trip over something here and fall down, you will definitely be hurt, so much so that your bruises will stick to you like obstinate curry stains on pearl skinned clothes, but these bruises and scars will make their way to the journal of your life, because its always you who have  to fight all this alone and make it to the top alone..that’s how life is, it shoves you down now and again, but just like today, you have to get up, rub the dust off and run again, faster and better.’

                                                                              ~by your wonderful shona ( your granddaughter)

Akansha.. 🌼

Ps: this series is dedicated to my grandmother, the person who I look up to as my pedestal…I wanna share with you guys bout her and expect that it will help you’ll too..

Afraid, are you?

and then it all started to fall apart, again… How miserable it is when the manor of hopes erected with the ingots of hard work starts to pulverize just in front of our eyes… Times when feeling like failure comes more easier then breathing..

It’s hard to pick up those splintered pieces of our distraught self and start again…… But doesn’t all glory comes from daring to begin..

Remember the time when Mr. Churchill quoted, “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it’s the courage to continue that counts.”.. I hope you resonated it, right? If no, then now is the time, to rise and shine, and to begin again..

As to some effective ways, you can try out the ones below..

1. Mow down the guilt…: what is really meant by this is that just get rid of the guilt that weighs you down.. Guilt of failures often quells and sears our hopes.. So first of all, we need to free our heart from this guilt and start anew. Some simple steps like indulging into hobbies, meditation, taking out some self care time to clear our thoughts may do the trick and help us reboot..

2. Weave a list..: we can’t start anew anything without a coherent list.. So pull out your notepad and jot down your to-do list.. It’s said “a goal without a plan is just a wish” so, to be successful in your endeavors, you need to opt some meticulous tactics, like, alloting various time slots to different tasks, making a proper routine to finish your school lessons and so on…

3. Self motivation..: can I do it this time? What if ???….oh.. Not again.. Does these “WHAT IF’S” bug you too.. well.. Then you need to make yourself aware that only believing that “I can do it” will help you.. Whenever the clouds of insecurity looms out of the dark days, just take some deep breaths or give yourself a power packed inspirational speech facing the mirror and start afresh…

4. The Gratitude bowl.. : This is quite a simple way to thank yourself.. Well, yes you read it right, just thank and praise yourself.. Thank yourself cause you are stalwart, courageous to fight the odds, stronger than yesterday to deal with your troubles of today… Cause at the end, don’t we matter to us too…!!!!

“yes your strong, fearless, wonderful, amazing.. …… You have tasted the dust of failure, now it’s time to savour the clouds of success..”

Take care….🌼

©A. Kamal

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Just a 16 year old poet and writer aspiring to create a niche in this amazing world breaming with talents.

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Wipe the fear off your souls..

Take the plunge.. (now or never)

Hey pause.. Freez your fingers and let the time thaw for some moments.. Well, you must be wondering as to why did I say so? Umm.. You will know the drill soon!

Are you trying to get some work done but end up doing nothing as you don’t know how to get started with it… Maybe because the peak of the mountain is just too high and you are just too scared.. Then for a while, adjourn and think, will looking at the peak help you climb it, no right? Then just look at the next stepping stone, maybe now you are one step closer to your destination ..

Hmm.. So how to we do that?

Well then here are some coherent ways..

1. The crumb rule- just crush your long list of work into crumbs.. In layman’s terms, just devide your work into different time spans, multiply your efforts, subtract the negativity and get started with the task.. Per se, you wanna get a lesson of school done or work on completing your presentation, then for that make a notice of the deadline and get started by sundering the long work into small packages and keep on ticking them off from your list.. Simple as that… Ain’t it??

2. Dopamine detox- next step is to be wary of the distraction plaguing your attention.. If social media is holding your precious time in its grip then why not try detoxing..say it’s a kind of internet fasting but without a diet!!

3. Stay motivated, keep your spirits up- If you are into scrolling through YouTube to get your dose of incentive, then stop it, because motivation to achieve your goal resides just within you.. Search it out guys!! What you can do is make a list as to why your goal matters to you.. And look it up whenever you feel low.. Remember, your goals are much more attractive then any other diversions..

Hope this steps proves to do you good!

But most importantly, wipe the fear of failure off your souls, because those who vies to dream, churns to fulfill it, no matter what!!

Take care!!

©A. Kamal..

Crypt (II)

The pallid, nacreous twilight peered through the murky, dank tenebrosity,

 A darkness that hooded the incandescent glint,

that once flecked  my effulgent, hopeful eyes,  

  Now my ears are deaf to the knocks of joy, 

And my eyes blind to the luminosity,

 that shelters ebullience in it’s lap,

And my crypt my dear, 

Sinks deeper and deeper  down in the ocean of obscurity.. 

©A. Kamal..

This is part 2 of Crypt(I).. Check it out if haven’t yet!!!!

Crypt (I)

The placid moon limned my bruises,

with the vivid hues deliquesced in the hoax of my silver smeared peace,

But beneath these layers and laminas still,

Lies contused, my pain,

my chest a void that serves as a coffin, for my memories of you,

Though they still lay buried in shallow mire,

Your amity was afflicted and decayed with infidelity,

But my fault, my dear?

My fault was that I held onto,

Though the cost was my life..

©A. Kamal


Part 2 to come soon.. Follow for updates!



I close my eyes to escape, 

This hustling, jostling, clamouring world, 

I close my eyes to escape if only for a while.. 


(I’m the belle of my alcazar of woods, 

Nestled in the bosom of the coppice,

 that’s hiraeth to my dawdling though fervour soul)


How the world’s clogged with vengeance and reproval,

No virtue bedeck their chaplet of  pearls, 

How they love to whine & cavil over things so petty as smirched and traded coins. 

I’m the princess Aurora reigning over my realm

Azure skys streaked with trailing clouds,

 embroidered in gold laces on bright hopeful days, 

I don’t need a prince to wake me up from my dreary slumber, 

Because my dreams are more dazzlingly flamboyant 

Than the grey-old world wrinkled with abysmal wonders) 


©A. Kamal. 

Optimistic pursuits..

How we often skip the time to give ourselves a thought amidst the day’s crammed schedule. Just as we make the next day’s to-do list, it’s of utmost importance to book a slot in that list just for ourselves, to refresh our minds and to listen to the music of our souls. This is quite necessary these days to keep up the optimistic pursuits and to groom ourselves for the coming challenges and obstacles of the day..

Few simple and effective ways to do so are- 1. Walks.. Hmm.. So wondering how taking walks will be helpful? Well, to be honest, who doesn’t want some moments with the wind to whisper out their forlorn troubles of the day and feel the weight slip off their shoulders!! A nice walk in the morning can be rejuvenating and would rekindle within us the spark of positive thinking..

2. Reading books.. Reading our favourite books or blogs or verses may help us to de-stress and clear our thoughts. Maybe it can act as a small escape of few moments from all the hustle that keeps us on our toes . Good books inspires as well teaches us the art of self-care and motivate for the better!

3. Meditation or yoga.. There is no denying to the benefits of yoga. It helps to maintain a sane lifestyle and is extremely necessary for our social as well as emotional well being by fighting against anxiety and combating our pessimistic thoughts. Brisk exercise or aerobics may also do the trick.

4. Keep a check on your phone addiction.. We may agree or deny but it doesn’t change the fact that social media plays a vital role when it comes to positive thinking. The perfect life of others on the social media can demotivate us and make us ponder about our drawbacks as well as turn us insecure. It’s better to limit the time spent on scrolling through social media and utilize that time to give ourselves some rest for refreshment!

Lastly, remember you are the captain of your ship of thoughts. Make sure you rig that ship of your thoughts carefully to prevent it from drowning in the boorish waters of pessimism..!!

Take care!!